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We are excited to bring you our new DFY SEO Optimized Content service.

Our talented in-house authors will create your content, and then pass it off to our professional on-page team, who will optimize and perfect it.

Content is then sent to you 100% optimized and ready to rank. 

We analyze the top competitors for your content and provide an engaging article with professional on-page SEO done for you.

We use the same time-tested on-page practices on our client’s websites to provide quick and long-lasting rankings.

You will receive an SEO optimized article complete with header tags, an image count suggestion, a title suggestion, and a URL slug suggestion. 

Simply add images, post your article, and watch it rule the SERPS!

                                       Instructions for Best Results

1. Visit https://www.seoreviewtools.com/bulk-web-page-word-count-checker/ or any other bulk word count checker.

2. Search for your desired keyword in Google. Copy the top 5 highest ranking URLs and paste them into the bulk word counter.

3. Take the average word count of those 5 pages and use that as the recommended word count for your article.

4. Fill out the order details below and select the correct amount of words for your article.

5. Order your content, then sit back and relax while we create a perfectly optimized and engaging article for you!


$15 $ 10
per 100 words
  • Basic Money Site Content
  • Perfect Grammar
  • Native English Articles

This is the most affordable writing you’ll find at this level of quality. This is perfect “money site” content that doesn’t require research. Your article will be grammatically flawless and engaging.


$19 $ 14
per 100 words
  • Elite Money Site Content
  • Captivate Your Audience
  • Compelling and Researched Articles

This level of writing is perfect for just about any task. Your articles will be researched and persuasive, containing perfect grammar and strong arguments. This level of copy is perfect for highly engaging money site or client content, and will hook your readers in immediately.


$25 $ 20
per 100 words
  • Ultra HQ Money Site Content
  • Highest Level of Research
  • Persuasive and Compelling Copy

This level of copy is simply unmatched. We take pride in performing extensive research before writing about your topic. This level of writing will sell your readers for you.

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